Women Alive

Exhausted? Wrong? Lack of concentration? Depressive mood sleep disorders? Dizziness? Headaches? Neck tension? Hair loss? Nail brittleness? Woman? Ready for the doctor? Iron deficiency?

“Women Alive” is a book that gives new hope to many sick women. More than 100 million women of menstrual age in Europe suffer from symptoms of undiagnosed iron deficiency syndrome. Worldwide there are over one billion. After 6 years of research, it was possible for the first time in Switzerland to define the clinical picture and correlate it with a low iron content in the body.

According to this finding, it is essential to give iron to those affected. There are two types of iron tablets available for this purpose: on the one hand, iron tablets, which in most cases have a poor effect on women of menstrual age and are often poorly tolerated, and on the other iron infusions with an excellent success rate and very good tolerance. In just a few weeks your state of health can improve considerably or even normalise.

Sample: Everything is too much for me. I am only 32 years old and my batteries are empty, I could always fall asleep. I often feel depressed for no reason and my self-esteem is in the basement. Lately I can’t stand the children anymore, there is a restlessness in the family because I don’t have any nerves anymore. I am so sorry, I wish it would be different. Meanwhile I can’t sleep well at night anymore, so I’m even more broken during the day and even can’t work for days. I hope there will be no dismissal because of this. My boss asks me what I have. What should I answer?

What has happened? Until a few months ago everything was completely different. In the morning I made breakfast and after a refreshing shower I brought the children to school before my work. I managed the 50% workload without any problems, the job was fun for me. After lunch I took care of the apartment, then went jogging and felt fresh for family life in the evening.

What could have happened? The marriage is good, I get on very well with my husband, the children thrive well and don’t worry anyone, I like the work and the salary is good. Nothing could be better about my circle of friends. The visit to my family doctor was frustrating. After a detailed physical examination and a blood sample, the pleasant result was announced that I was healthy. No organ damage, no anaemia, no hypothyroidism or anything else. Beautiful. Nevertheless, I would have preferred it if something had been found that made me ill. My self-doubts rise, I feel helpless, how can that go on? The doctor gives me antidepressant psychotropic drugs, which I start to swallow with aversion. I am afraid and no longer understand the world.

Why did I become a “psycho” within six months? My childhood was all right, so a disturbance caused in early childhood is unlikely to begin to manifest itself now. Should I quit the job? While jogging I almost collapse after 5 minutes, so I give up sports. After a sleep cure as well as a one-week break from work does not improve my condition, my family’s worries increase. My self-confidence is nowhere more. And I no longer feel like having sex, which my husband can only understand with difficulty.

Has the doctor missed anything? Is something wrong in my head? Wouldn’t an x-ray be necessary slowly but surely? After I visited a second doctor and got the same message from him that I was physically healthy and that the head x-ray and the derivation of the brain current curves (EEG) showed a normal brain, I asked him about the reason for my suffering. Finally I got a clear answer. I was in a state of physical and mental exhaustion. This is the diagnosis. I would have put on too much. Having children and working do not fit together and so on. I feel stupid because I already know this diagnosis very well myself and experience it every day. I HAVE to find myself in a state of physical and mental exhaustion, but why? Others also have children and work – and they are doing well.

So there’s only one thing left: hard will. From now on I will force myself to live as if nothing were wrong. My will persuades the lead-heavy body in the morning to get up, not to fall asleep while driving and not to look grouchy at work. After a few weeks I notice that I’m playing the wrong game. Now, in addition to the well-known complaints, I also suffer from neck and headaches. I often suffer from dizziness and have to hold on to my desk in order not to fall over. For God’s sake, but now I am really sick. Finally the doctor will make a diagnosis and be able to help me. With a spark of hope I go to my family doctor, who, to my horror, cannot make a diagnosis again, except that my neck muscles are tense. At least that, I get a prescription for physiotherapy. Nine treatments pass without my pain improving. Slowly I am close to total despair and often cry. My family’s concern continues to grow.

And then came the turning point

Today I know why I suffered. I can hardly believe how quickly I recovered and how easy the treatment was. The right diagnosis had to be made and the necessary therapy had to be carried out. A third doctor, whom I finally visited, told me that I did not have enough iron in my body, although orthodox medicine still considers my blood value normal. He gave me four infusions in two weeks and I was fit.

Looking back, I would have every reason to be angry with the former doctors. I didn’t feel taken seriously by them, I felt it was a cheek to label myself a psycho and give me psychotropic drugs instead of the missing iron. I’m not a car, but that’s what I feel like. With a full tank. Before I was saturated with infusions, the tank was empty and the car stopped driving. I lived suffering past life for almost a year. What about the many women who have been mistreated for years? After all, the car is not given psychotropic drugs in the empty tank, but petrol. Or have I not really understood something? Why did the first doctors not give me gasoline but psychotropic drugs? Is orthodox medicine subject to a huge error with this problem? Has orthodox medicine overlooked the fact that menstrual blood loss also causes iron loss? Why has nobody noticed that the iron reservoir has no eternal reserves? After all, as a woman I lose blood in my life for more than five years. Slowly I begin to understand. It must be a mistake of orthodox medicine. She has not yet recognized the problem.


Dr. med. Beat Schaub: “Lebendige Frauen – the iron code”
Erschienen 2006

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